"It is not the strongest species
that survive,
nor the most intelligent,
but the ones most responsive
to change"


Charles Darwin

QMC International





Our knowledge goes far beyond a typical and purely technical dimension of operational activity. It guarantees aqmc1general business approach and perspective for building the value of a company. This exceptional combination enables us to work with people on every level of organizational structure- the leaders of production, logistics and product development departments as well as managing directors and top management.  We offer a full range of modern solutions for companies and institutions that want to take advantage of their true abilities or those facing serious operational challenges. We serve our clients in various business areas, such as automotive, machine, chemical, pharmaceutical, financial, modern technologies, consumption goods, natural resources and power industries. Our support in operational areas was also noticed by the companies rarely associated with operations management, such as hospitals, insurance companies and non-profit organizations.


Among our tasks during the projects are:


  • Operational Excellence
  • training for the managers
  • training for the workers of sales and purchasing departments
  • other professional training suited for each clients’ needs
  • developing and optimizing of the management systems
  • restructuring of enterprises
  • optimizing of delivery chains
  • optimizing of service processes
  • reducing operational costs
  • developing and implementing procedures 
  • optimizing of planning processes

Studying company’s activities

We examine your company’s activities in the areas you point out in order to be able to precisely describe the aims of the project. During our examinations we concentrate on


  • assessment of efficient use of resources in the production area 
  • assessment of efficient use of resources in the administrative area
  • assessment of efficiency of sales and purchasing departments’ workers
  • analysis of communication processes inside the company
  • stock and warehouse management
  • transport
  • management and control of the processes
  • costs
  • stardard of service offered
  • other tasks described by the customer

The above examinations are summed up in a detailed report that consists of the main observations as well as suggested ways and areas of improvement. In other words, the report describes the range of work to be carried out during the potential project.