"It is not the strongest species
that survive,
nor the most intelligent,
but the ones most responsive
to change"


Charles Darwin

QMC International





Our services are absolutely universal. There are no limits in our cooperation, because the improvements, system and trainings we implement apply to just about all areas of businessgtr

The biggest strengths of our system are:


  • savings reaching over 300% over the incurred costs, achieved during one year from the final moment ofproject implementation
  • return on investment during the project- over 60%
  • the warranty: three weeks’ savings considered annually are equal to QMC’s contracted salary
  • possibility of terminating our work by the customer during each phase of the project  without giving any reasons for such decision


When you decide to use our services, we will offer to you:

  • complex analysis of your company’s current condition
  • new management system in the previously discussed areas 
  • optimization of business / work processes and their implementation
  • costs’ reduction
  • effective planning and control system
  • long-term strategy for company’s advancement
  • projection of development levels for company’s management
  • training and individual coaching program
  • rational change of work behavior of people in your organization
  • motivation system and periodic employees\' appraisal
  • increase of work flexibility observed among employees


We invite you to a meeting when we introduce the details of what we could offer to your business. Together we will choose the best possible solution for your company’s advancement and we will discuss all phases of our cooperation.

The savings reached by the companies where we executed our projects could be calculated in millions of Euros. During our work experience we trained hundreds of employees – from crafts’ masters and foremen to managers, departments’ directors and board members. On your request, we will present our up-to-date references. We ensure full confidentiality.